Republican Lauren Boebert imitates AOC with a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ dress

Republican Lauren Boebert imitates AOC with a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ dress

It seems people are still talking about that Met Gala dress from US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert sharing her parody of AOC’s “tax the rich” outfit.

The Republican posted a photo of her with ex-president Donald Trump on Friday, showing her in a red dress reading “let’s go, Brandon” – a popular meme among right-wing Americans for mocking President Joe Biden.

If you missed it, the phenomenon started after a reporter claimed the crowd at a Nascar race in Alabama last month were shouting “let’s go, Brandon”, in reference to racer Brandon Brown.

However, it was a mistake on NBC journalist Kelli Stavast’s part, as they were in fact chanting “f**k Joe Biden” – and so the meme was born, and later referenced on Ms Boebert’s dress.

“It’s not a phase, it’s a movement,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, her communications director Ben Stout told The Hill on Friday that the meeting between his boss and Trump “went phenomenal”.

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“The dress made President Trump smile. He loved it. Congresswoman Boebert has been a leader of the Make America Great Again movement and a leader for pushing President Trump’s agenda forward in Congress, and so the meeting went phenomenally well.

“They discussed how destructive the Biden administration has been and the importance of putting President Trump’s policies in place so that we can get America back on track,” he said.

Swapping Met Gala for Maga, the stunt has since been ridiculed online, with Twitter users posting their own memes mocking the politician:

Others, meanwhile, have offered their own twist on the ‘let’s go, Brandon’ meme, replacing it with #ThankYouBrandon instead:

Personally, we think the photo is more random than Brandon…

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