Irate woman attempts peace offering with neighbour after noisy sex sessions

Irate woman attempts peace offering with neighbour after noisy sex sessions
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An irate woman was forced to ask her neighbours to move their bed due to their noisy romps.

She confessed she had no choice but to leave an awkward note after realising their shared wall was too thin.

The woman, called Ali, explained how she’d had so many sleepless nights due to her noisy neighbours.

She suggested the noise was interrupting her sleep schedule and making her lose her mind.

She tweeted: “I think I’m finally going to leave my neighbours a note about them f*cking all day every day.

“I can’t do it anymore I’m losing my mind I literally can’t enter my bedroom without hearing them f*cking.

“They are keeping me up at night and waking me up in the morning, it’s insane.”

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Ali, of Yukon, Canada, then plucked up the courage to leave her noisy neighbours a note.

It read “Congrats to you guys for your apparently very healthy sex life, seriously, good for you.”

“However, I would prefer not to be a part of it and I’m sure you’d prefer that as well.”

Jam Press

She applauded the couple on their “stamina”, but she went on to inform them that their robust sex life had started interfering with her sleep.

Alongside the note, Ali left the couple two Corona beers.

She added: “Please accept these beers as a peace offering or bargaining chip.

“I was hoping they might be enough to persuade you to maybe move your bed to the other side of the room.”

At first she thought the neighbours had taken her advice and moved their bed.

However, just five hours later, she went back on herself, believing that the couple may have set an alarm for 6am to romp.

She said “The girl dramatically fake moaned twice SO loud at exactly 6am on the dot and now the bed is currently slamming against the wall.

“Happy Saturday folks, don’t assume the best in people”.

Many users were quick to comment on the steamy situation.

Bobby Lavender said “If I received this note I’d stick it to my fridge.. and obviously take your request seriously and oblige, of course. But definitely keeping the trophy.”

Another called Erin said “Sounds like you needed those beers a lot more than they did.”

Randy Treibel remarked “Focus on your own mental health instead of being a Karen.”

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