Trump supporter says he won't be "bullied into dating Dua Lipa"

Trump supporter says he won't be "bullied into dating Dua Lipa"
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Self-proclaimed 'Alpha Male' and Donald Trump supporter Nick Adams has shared with the world (though no one asked) that he is "not interested" in dating Dua Lipa because she's "woke".

Adams describes himself as "President Trump's Favourite Author" and spends most of his time on Twitter/X talking about how much of an Alpha Male he is or how much he loves Trump and hates the democrats. But at the announcement of pop star Dua Lipa's recent single status, he decided to share with us that he wasn't interested in dating her.

"Dua Lipa is single, but I'm not interested," he began saying. "The singer has been quoted as saying, 'Transphobia is the neighbour of misogyny.' No woke women for me. I'll pass no dating Dua Lipa."

Many couldn't believe the arrogance of Adams in his assumption that Lipa would want to date him in the first place.

"I don't think she'd be interested in you either buddy," one user replied.

"Sure she's been left broken and bereft by this news Nick" another added.

However, all this criticism has been misinterpreted by Adams as "bullying" him into dating the 28-year-old star. He uploaded a video to Twitter/X with the caption: "I won't be bullied into dating Dua Lipa. I'm not interested and I'm not going to apologise for it."

The video opens with Adams saying: "Gentlemen, Dua Lipa is officially single again, and she will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

"Because I am not interested. You may be wondering why wouldn't a wildly successful and devilishly handsome alpha male like me be interested in a bombshell pop star?

"The answer is simple. She is woke. Much like Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa stands with Hamas terrorists and her music was featured in the official Biden-Harris inauguration Spotify list."

He ends the video saying "Wokeness turns a ten, boys, into a two in the blink of an eye."

Whilst Lipa will have no trouble finding a new partner, not sure if the same can be said for Adams.

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