'Alpha male' vows to boycott M&M's because of feminism

'Alpha male' vows to boycott M&M's because of feminism
'Alpha male' vows to boycott M&Ms because of feminism

A Trump supporting commentator who describes himself as an "alpha male" has lost the plot over chocolate, as every alpha male does.

Nick Adams, who frequently goes viral on Twitter for his odd takes, posted a rant on the platform after M&M's announced they would be releasing a limited edition run of the confectionary, featuring only its female characters and donating some of the profits to charity.

"M&Ms have just released feminist M&Ms...[This is] egregious sexism of the worst and most conceivable (sic) kind," he said.

"It is outrageous. It is disgusting, and it must not stand."

He called for people to boycott the chocolate and its parent company, Mars.

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"Any male that buys a packet of M&M's from today forward must hand in their 'man' card because they are soft, woke, beta, male feminist, who have serious, serious problems," he said.

"Until M&M's rectify this great wrong by giving us all male M&M's, this boycott will remain."

He added: "We will not stand for this at all."

To top things off, he took a packet of M&M's out of his pocket, dropped it on the ground, and stamped on it.

You can take a look at his full rant here:

Maybe it is a good thing Adams is giving up the sweets. If this is what he is like normally, imagine what he is like on a sugar rush.

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