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If you're female and online, it's a fairly safe bet that someone has asked you to send a nude selfie.

Perhaps it was a man demonstrating unrivalled persistence, lack of respect and general ignorance.

But what's the best way to respond when someone doesn't grasp basic subtleties of consent?

Enter Jacquie Ross, the 16-year-old female role model and hero we never knew we needed.

The North Carolina resident was chatting to one 'Michael' about her prom outfit.

She told BuzzFeed Newsthat Michael and her are both on the prom committee, and that she had just sent him a picture of her dress.

He asked her to send a photo of the whole outfit.

Ross explained that, as she was just out of the shower in a face mask, it wasn't a good time...


So, you leave it there, right?

Perhaps a gentle LOL, a CU L8R even...?



OK, you bravely launched yourself into the 'nude selfie' abyss and were shot down.

You tried to slide into her DMs but ACCESS DENIED.

Hey, it happens.

So you hobble off and lick the wounds to your male pride, right?




Firstly, props to Ross and her matryoshka towel game.

Secondly Michael "I'm gonna get what I want" is every woman's worst nightmare.

But wait for Ross's riposte...



The best way to respond to creepy, inappropriate and ill-advised behaviour.


Michael is now getting super specific...

But Ross is simply unbeatable.


Take off all the towels on your body and take a pic.

Collective horror at the levels of entitlement and arrogance here.



And then this, the kind of reckless tenacity normally seen in pitbulls who require a crowbar to prise their jaws open.



Ross posted this grim snapshot of life as a 21st-century woman on her Tumblr, where it went immediately viral .

BuzzFeed News reports that, after the last post, he asked her to take off every article of clothing.

So she sent him a picture of total blackness.

Her explanation?

It was dark inside.

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