Class celebrates end of year with naked photo (including their teacher)

Terminale STD2A/Facebook

Graduating baccalaureatestudents posed nude with their teacher, to celebrate the end of the year.

Students at Lycée Frederic Mistral in Avignon have gone viral after a risque (but tasteful) group photo appeared online.

The class celebrated the completion of their science and technology of design applied arts course (STD2A) by creating a very memorable class photo.

STD2A who were in their final (Terminale) year when the image was taken, were aged 17-18.

Since appearing online, the partial nude has caused some controversy.

The original photo was embedded by the Local and other French news sites, but has since been deleted.

According to the Local some comments contained objections to the inclusion of the class' teacher.

Others considered it to be playful, and an expression of free speech.

On 12 October the image was posted on an open Facebook group named 'Terminale STD2A' as its cover photo.

That day the group discussed whether or not to share the image with another Facebook page '50 Shades of STD2A'

On Wednesday, one user posted to discuss the reaction the image had received in the media.

The writer addressed 'people who did not want to publish the photo', and told them that it was 'too late' to remove the photo from the media.

They also said that the duplicate had (at their request) been removed from 50 shades of STD2A.


Further comments on Terminale STD2A indicate that the class photo was taken on Friday 23 September.

A poll of possible photo themes was conducted on 20 December included these options:

  • "The raft of the Medusa" - recreating a painting by Théodore Géricault
  • "Naked (for Brown)" - The eventual choice. Based on this and other comments on the discussion group, "Brown" appears to be a reference to their teacher.
  • "The Last Supper" - recreating Da Vinci's famous painting.
  • "Hobo"


Despite the nudity option coming second, only 12 people of a much larger class size voted.

The nakedness was not universal. Some students in clothes opted to hold placards with nudity drawn onto them.

HT the Local

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