Blogger mocked for calling off-licence an ‘offy’ – but Twitter’s got her back

<p>The term refers to shops licenced to sell alcohol to take away</p>

The term refers to shops licenced to sell alcohol to take away

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A Twitter user has opened up an impassioned debate over an unlikely subject.

Dami Olonisakin, a London-based sex blogger known online as Oloni, said her friends were mocking her for using the word “offy” to refer to off-licences.

“Lmao they say the’ve never heard it before,” she tweeted in the early hours of Sunday. “People from the UK have you heard the term?”

Her question was met with a flurry of responses, racking up more than 2,600 likes and trending at number 10 on the social media platform by the afternoon.

For those unfamiliar, an off-licence (or “offy,” if you prefer) refers to a shop which has a licence to sell alcohol to consume off the premises – hence the name.

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The writer said the “mixture of answers” she received in response were “hilarious”, with most users confirming that the abbreviation was, indeed, a thing:

Some referred to divides of some sort – be it north vs south, or leftie vs Tory:

Others raised the more unconventional term of ‘beer-off’:

While one individual shared an image of an ‘offy’ called, well, ‘The Offy’:

Still, there were a number to whom the term was completely alien:

Oloni later shared her amazement at the reaction her query provoked.

“I didn’t expect this,” she admitted.

“But I’m off to go show my group chat now.”

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