6 reasons why Princess Charlotte is the sassiest Royal as she celebrates 6th birthday

6 reasons why Princess Charlotte is the sassiest Royal as she celebrates 6th birthday

Being a Royal is all about poise, pomp and pageantry, but there’s one member of the family who isn’t afraid to stick her tongue out at the crowds.

Princess Charlotte turned six on Sunday and, despite her youth, she’s already sealed her reputation as the cheekiest heir to the throne.

Kensington Palace released a photo of the beaming birthday girl, sporting a summery floral dress and picture-perfect tousled hair to mark the occasion.

The intimate snap was taken by her mother Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, as they enjoyed some family time at their Norfolk residence Anmer Hall earlier this week.

But Charlotte isn’t always so keen to keep up appearances for the paparazzi.

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Here, we take a look at six moments which prove why the six-year-old is the sassiest princess of them all:

1) That tongue pic

This picture has become emblematic to parents across the world.

It perfectly sums up what happens when your defiant child just refuses to do what they’re told – and does it with total pizzazz.

Charlotte and her mother Catherine were at the King’s Cup regatta in Cowes on August 9, 2019, when the princess decided to turn to the adoring onlookers.

Rather than offer the obligatory smile and wave, she unceremoniously stuck out her tongue.

2) Speaking to David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough met with the Cambridges last year for a private viewing of his environmental documentary A Life On Our Planet.

The beloved veteran broadcaster had a chat with the royal children afterwards, allowing them to quizz him on the natural world.

The youngest of the brood, three-year-old Prince Louis, asked Sir David the perfectly sensible question: “What animal do you like?,” while the eldest, Prince George, seven, wanted to know: “What animal do you think will become extinct next?”

Charlotte, however, had a much more direct statement/query to make.

She said: “Hello, David Attenborough, I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?”

A princess who likes spiders? Sounds like a good plot for a storybook, if you ask us.

3) Striking a nonchalant pose at Harry and Meghan’s wedding

We now know that disputes over the flower girl dresses sparked tears and chaos in the run-up to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding.

During their explosive interview in March, Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey that her sister-in-law Kate had made her cry in a row over the bridesmaids’ ensembles.

In the days before the star-studded nuptials, rumours circulated that Meghan had left Kate in tears at Charlotte’s dress fitting. She then told Oprah that the “reverse” had happened.

But here, we see the young princess wasn’t phased by all the rumours, and seemed perfectly happy to dance around in her frock.

Kicking her leg in the air, she hardly looks like the quintessential prim-and-proper royal. Instead, she simply looks like a happy little girl unencumbered by family politics – and it’s a joy to see.

4) The ringleader

Another wedding, another photo-op, but here Charlotte shows a different side to her personality.

Accompanied by her elder brother George – the third in line to the British throne – and six other bridesmaids and pageboys, Charlotte carries the confidence of a ringleader.

She looks sagely on as a friend whispers something in her ear (George also looks as though he’s in on the secret...), while the others children wave and smile dutifully on.

Here, they were stood on the steps of St George’s Chapel, Winsdor Castle, to see off Princess Eugenie and her new husband Jack Brooksbank following their 2018 marriage.

5) Giving the crowds what they want

Sure, she may not always strike the politest of poses, but Charlotte knows that sometimes it’s good to give the people what they want.

This picture shows Prince William and George rushing into St Mary’s Hospital in London to see Kate, who had just given birth to their new son and brother, in April 2018.

Yet, Charlotte didn’t have the same sense of urgency as her dad and brother in this historic moment.

She realised that the crowds were desperate for a reaction – as they waited with baited breath for news on the royal baby – and she was happy to oblige.

The princess was only three at the time, but her knowing smile suggests a maturity beyond her years.

6) Looking ever the rebel during a telling-off from her mum

We all remember what it’s like to get a scolding as a child.

Here, Kate is seen clasping her daughter’s hand and offering her some presumably stern words, but Charlotte just doesn’t seem bothered.

She responds to her mother with a grimace in a move that screams pre-teen defiance.

The family had just left a Christmas Day church service at Sandringham in 2019 when the snap was taken.

Maybe the princess had been bored? Maybe she was hungry for her lunch? Or maybe she just wanted to open her presents.

And... a birthday bonus

This last photo may not show Charlotte at her tongue-poking, sassiest but the latest portrait of the princess captures that unmistakable twinkle in her eye.

Another year older and with plenty more adventures ahead of her, we wish the six-year-old a very Happy Birthday.

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