Office super-fans have noticed a number of eye-opening similarities between Michael and Jim

Office super-fans have noticed a number of  eye-opening similarities between Michael and Jim

There’s nothing we enjoy more than stumbling across a good Reddit fan theory. And when that theory revolves around one of our favorite TV series, it only piques our interest even more.

Devout fans of the The Office piled onto a recent Reddit thread in which someone highlighted eye-opening similarities between Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski).

Posted in the ‘FanTheories’ subreddit, user jimmytheloot pointed out all of the similarities between Jim and Michael - suggesting that Jim is terrified of becoming him despite all of his eye-rolling over Michael’s behaviour.

“Jim doesn’t really seem to have a social life outside of The Office,” the user explains. “His primary hobby is cycling, usually done solo...his main interest is sports and he was an athlete so he probably never needed to learn how to make friends, he had teammates and that led to some surface level ‘buddies.”

They also shed light on Jim’s love life, adding how all his major connections seem to happen at work - very similar to Michael.

“Beside all this, his determination to be with Pam indicates a lack of connections outside of work. Once he feels there’s no hope with her he uproots his whole life and moves. He meets Katie (the purse girl) at the office, he meets Karen at the office in Stamford. All of his major connections happen at work,” he writes.

In addition, the user highlights how Jim’s “main priority at work is having fun and killing time and being well liked.” He adds that Jim only works hard when necessary - traits which he shares with Michael Scott.

Readers were quick to comment, agreeing with the user on almost all points.

“Spot on theory. For someone so “popular” he doesn’t appear to have proper friends or a social life,” wrote one user.

“These are really good points. One thing though, Jim is not as socially awkward as Michael. I also 100% agree that Dwight should’ve married Isabel or that farm girl.. or anyone but Angela...” wrote another.

The user concluded he theory by adding that Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is the hero of the show and “should have ended up with Isabel.”

While we don’t agree Dwight should’ve ended up with anyone other than Angela, we still admire the overall creativity behind this.

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