The original 1983 Hooters girl is on Instagram and fans love it

The original 1983 Hooters girl is on Instagram and fans love it
Hooters restaurant commercial

One of the original Hooters girls has taken to her Instagram to reminisce on her time at the franchise - and fans are loving every bit of it!

While waitressing, Lynne Austin became the poster model for the restaurant chain when it first opened in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983.

For 15 years, she was on the brand's promotional posters, which showed blown-out blond hair, taxi tops, delivery trucks and billboards.

Speaking with Fox News, she said that the excitement about modeling for Hooters "never got old."

She also revealed that it was "surreal" to see herself for the first time on a billboard.

"Like, 'Oh my Lord, there I am, my big ol' face is up here,'" she told Fox News.

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For many years, patrons visited the restaurant hoping to get to sit at Austin's tables.

She even told Fox News that some men would send her floral arrangements to catch her attention.

"Who doesn't love people wanting to see you, be around you, and love your personality? Of course, I loved it. I still do!" Austin said.

She also added that she's "grateful" people who see her will still come up to her and ask for pictures, showing her that "people still care."

The model has shared some of the snaps that made way for the legendary wings and beer restaurant on Instagram.

One photo shows her posing on the baseball field with players as she sports an umpire mask and pitching glove.

Another photo shows her on stage as she performed an opening skit with the franchise for "Rod Stewart at the old Tampa Stadium."

A recent post Austin uploaded was from almost 40 years ago and shows the first Hooters girls wearing the classic white t-shirts with the Hooters logo and short orange shorts.

They were gathered around for a photo around a jukebox.

The same post also showed the new "Hooters Girls 2.0," recreating that initial photo.

People praised Austin in the comments, with many reflecting on the restaurant's early beginnings.

One wrote: "Boy, I miss those days. Happiest days!! Miss you girls!"

"Thankful to be around for that."

A third wrote: "Still remember the beach contest. It started it all. It was such a fun party, all my friends playing in the bands."

The official Hooters Instagram account also shared some love, commenting with heart emojis.

The Hooters uniforms today don't look completely different from the uniforms of the past, given the logo and orange shorts, although they're a bit more form-fitting.

And despite criticism over the servers dressed in tight clothing and the company's dress code, Austin didn't take issue with the choice of dress.

"We wore running shorts and a tank top, and I get it; that's not the attire of another restaurant. But you saw way more at the beach than you ever saw in our restaurant," she told Fox News.

Austin further revealed that the uniform was fashioned after one of Hooters' owners who ran.

She also said that there's "nothing wrong with runners wearing shorts."

During her time at Hooters, Austin later got guest roles on TV and even scored a meet-and-greet with Hugh Hefner.

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