Tennessee pastor holds 'witchcraft' book burning for 'Harry Potter' and other titles

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke is going viral (again) after a clip of him threatening to expose "six witches" who he says infiltrated his congregation made its way around Twitter.

In the video, Locke passionately tells his congregation at Global Vision Bible Church during Sunday service, "we got first and last night of six witches that are in our church and you know what's strange, three of you are in this room right now."

Running from one end of the stage to the other, Locke flails his arms and screams, "we going to ask you to get out! Or I'll expose you in front of everybody."

The "six witches" Locke is referring to are members of the congregation who are seemingly not following the rules Locke has set out. It's unclear what they've done (could be anything from getting a Covid-19 test to reading Twilight) but his threat against them is very real, "we got your first name, we got your last name. We even got an address for one of you," Locke says.

To instill fear in other members, Locke told the congregation, "some of you been sick because you befriended that witch." The pastor was famously permanently banned from Twitter for spreading Covid misinformation by calling the vaccine "sugar water" and the pandemic "fake".

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Locke has a long history of making headlines with his far-right views. Earlier in February, Locke held a burning event where he encouraged members of his church to burn books like Harry Potter and Twilight along with other things deemed "occultic materials".

A still from the Global Vision Bible Church's burning event from Feb. 2 Global Vision Bible Church / Facebook

In the past, the pastor claimed children with autism spectrum disorder are actually possessed by demons, insisted Trump is still president, and encouraged Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

Book recommendation for pastor Locke: The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

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