Eurosceptics are (actually) excellently mocking David Cameron's Brexit scaremongering

Eurosceptics are (actually) excellently mocking David Cameron's Brexit scaremongering

David Cameron has been accused of "scaremongering" by his own MPs after warning that Britain's exit from the EU could see Calais' Jungle move onto the south coast of England.

With negotiations over Britain's membership ongoing and a referendum likely to happen as early as June, both the "stay" and "leave" campaigns have ramped up their warnings of what kind of terrible things will happen depending on which way the vote goes.

But following Cameron's latest suggestion, and a host of other "warning" headlines in sections of the media, Eurosceptics have hit back at what they clearly think are ridiculous assertions on the part of the pro-EU campaigners.

And yes, those Ukippers, Tory Eurosceptics and even Louise Mensch have managed to be funny...

There were terrifying food warnings

Spoof apocalyptic scenarios

Lord of the Rings references

Giant insects attacking Westminster

The renaming of much-loved high street chains

We dread to imagine this world

Presumably the sort of headlines that would appear on the Express front page, if it was pro-EU...

Actually, as "Swivel Eyed" points out, what will the Express do if Britain leaves?

Some people even took it semi-seriously

But, clearly, most concerning of all

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