This is why people are laying flowers outside a Zizzi restaurant for David Bowie

David Bowie grew up in Beckenham in south-east London.

Many believe the little pocket of the capital is where Ziggy Stardust was born.

In 2016, Zizzi Stardust has replaced a monumental era for British music. But Bowie's legend lives on.

The community is proud of their music phenomenon, their cultural icon.

There's a Facebook page dedicated to the "genius". There's also an entire festival in the local recreation ground celebrating Bowie's work.

Bowie began to rise to prominence playing locally - notably, at The Three Tuns pub on Beckenham High Street.

Brian Chidwick posted on 'Beckenham Bowie' saying that he recalls Bowie beginning to truly hone his craft at the drinking spot:

I remember him taking money on the door at The Three Tuns, always quiet and friendly and playing acoustic folk-style.

Hearing the early performances of Space Oddity were an indication that he was something special but the subsequent invention of his alter egos seemed to release him to achieve stardom that none of us could have predicted.

Like Major Tom, he really made the grade and the stars look very different today.

Sadly, the pub is now a Zizzi restaurant. We wonder if people realise they're eating 'Jewelled Gnocci' and garlic bread in the very spot a true legend played early versions of Space Oddity.

Hopefully they notice a plaque.

And that's why people have begun laying flowers at the Zizzi restaurant.

Locals have also called for a statue to be erected in his memory.

Here's a video capturing some of the history...

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