People are saying they'd pay way more for child-free flights

'7-month-old baby's reaction to his friend screaming is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS'

People aren’t shying away from publicly declaring they would pay a lot more money for an airplane ticket -all for it to be child-free.

It comes after Morgan Lee went viral on TikTok for sharing her suggestion that adults-only air travel should be a thing - after hearing a child cry on her flight.

She said that she was on a three-hour-long flight and was a bit disturbed by the tiny passenger, despite wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights,” the video’s onscreen caption read.

“I would pay SO much money.”

Lee also added that the kid was over the age of five and sat right behind her while kicking her chair as the mum slept.

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The flight was 3 hours and I listened to this the entire time #travel

Many people on social media also agreed that childless flights should be a thing.

A woman on Twitter said that airlines could make a lot of money by increasing the price of the tickets and boosting their customer service.

Another person said that they would gladly pay extra for a child-free flight. They even tagged an airline they described as a “zoo,” presumably due to the number of children on the flight.

A mum also thinks that a child-free flight should be considered for certain times of the day.

Someone else who adores children and works with them said that wished child-free flights were an option.

Still, some people seemed upset by the suggestion, with one person believing that it is “immoral” to do that to anyone, including children.

In a 2012 poll by TripAdvisor, one-third of Britons said that they would pay a higher price if it meant that the flight would have no children onboard.

Twenty-two per cent of the respondents also said that a child kicking the back of their seat was a pet peeve on flights.

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