On Friday, Piers Morgan appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, alongside a panel which included the potty-mouthed Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, where the duo exchanged heated words.

The argument came to a head when Jefferies told Morgan to ‘F--k off’ after Piers defended Donald Trump’s attempt to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

J K Rowling, along with the rest of the world, beamed at the exchange.

Morgan, never one to back down from a Twitter fight, quickly responded to the author:

People on the internet delivered burn...

After burn...

After beautiful burn...

What do Americans call it - a home run?

Morgan claimed he never any Harry Potter books.

Except Twitter users were quick to point out an article he penned in 2015, where he references Harry Potter. A lot.

He defended his article by saying that his eldest son is, much to his chagrin, a Harry Potter fan which is why he knows about the books.

It was the argument of the year (and it's only February!)

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