J K Rowling took on Mike Pence and proved once again that she is queen of Twitter

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J K Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter franchise, is a dab hand at Twitter.

She's earned a reputation on the website for pithy one liners, put downs and messages of hope.

Last Friday Donald Trump signed an executive order from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least 90 days.

As a result, people have been referring to the travel ban as a 'Muslim ban'.

A federal judge in Brooklyn stayed Trump's executive order with a ruling that prevented the Government from deporting arrivals.

The United States refugee admissions programme was suspended for 120 days and Syrian refugees have been banned indefinitely.

People have recently been retweeting an old tweet of Vice President Mike Pence's, for obvious reasons.

So did Rowling:

She also criticised the policy.

She started pushing back on the criticism and abuse sent her way...

... And was of course supported by her fans.

Classic J K.

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