Photographers can spend hours, days, even months preparing for the perfect shot, often leaving us mesmerised by how they achieved it.

Luckily a Japanese photographer, infamous for water droplet backgrounds, has let us in on his secret and released behind-the-scenes footage of his recent photoshoot with cosplayer Saki Miyamoto.

His method requires no Photoshop skills at all and instead involves three stages.

1. Run

Picture: screenshot/Twitter/@snowfairy88

2. Jump

Picture: screenshot/Twitter/@snowfairy88

3. Belly-flop

Picture: screenshot/Twitter/@snowfairy88

The photographer, who goes by the username Snow yuki, is so dedicated to his craft that he throws himself in a pool, fully-clothed, to achieve maximum splash.

He received such an enthusiastic response to his behind-the-scenes pictures, he also released a video on his Twitter account.

Just look at that technique. Here it is in slo-mo...

Safe to say our holiday photos won't ever look the same again.

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