Meaning behind 'pink and grey' dorm explained

Meaning behind 'pink and grey' dorm explained
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People on TikTok are hating on “pink and grey” dorm room aesthetics after a video went viral, and here’s why.

Moving into your room and decorating it to your taste is one of the most exciting moments of a young person’s time at university.

But, according to a viral TikTok, your choice can communicate a lot about you to the people you are meeting for the first time.

A clip that was shared by @abigailand_ and has been viewed 8.5 million mocked her sister, who is freshman at college, for choosing a pink and grey colour scheme for her dorm room.

Text overlaying the clip read: “Watching my college freshman sister pick out pink and gray for her dorm room colors (I can’t interfere it’s a canon event).”

The term “canon event” on TikTok refers to an event from your past, typically embarrassing or bad, that helps shape the person you become.

The clip showed her sister sitting among her items such as cushions, bedding and even Tupperware in the pink and grey scheme.

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According to comments on the post, the pink and grey colour scheme is the choice of a “basic” person, as people argue that loads of girls decorate their dorm in the same way.

Some have previously said it is similar to the way lots of young men have navy blue bed sheets.

The pink and grey dorm interior has been referred to for years, with one tweet from 2020 reading: “Are there any incoming college freshmen who AREN’T doing pink and gray themed dorm rooms lol”

Another suggested: “Fun drinking game: take a shot every time you see a pink/grey themed dorm room.”

According to TikTok, having a pink and grey dorm room is a right of passage for many girls and the trend apparently shows no sign of slowing down.

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