A pizza with a corncob crust has truly divided food lovers

A pizza with a corncob crust has truly divided food lovers
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Little Caesars has launched a new pizza that has corn on the cob as its crust – and people are understandably divided.

The popular food joint remains a go-to pizza joint in America, thanks to its unique options for pizza crusts, such as pretzels and hotdog crusts which have received widespread praise.

But now, Little Caesars has raised eyebrows for its new take.

In a Twitter announcement, Little Caesars wrote: "Introducing Corncob Crust from Little Caesars! You’re Welcome, America."

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The viral tweet ad included a clip of the pizza surrounded by full-size corn cobs, butter – and two more litres of butter, liquified.

It didn't take long for Little Caesars fans to jokingly accuse the restaurant of welcoming April Fools early.

One person said: "It’s still 2 weeks from April fools unless I’ve time traveled?"

Another humoured, "April Fool is next Saturday…way too early hahaha," while a third brutally highlighted: "Bruh that two litres of butter screams America."

It comes after the claims pizzas are being ruined by food shortages across the pond.

According to the Federazione Italian Cuochi UK (FIC UK), a chefs’ association, the price of tomatoes has increased from £5 a case to £20 a case in the last year alone.

The price of canned tomatoes has doubled, it said, from £15 a case to £30. Meanwhile, the price of an iceberg lettuce has also soared, from around £7 a box to £22.

Enzo Oliveri, FIC UK’s president, told The Guardian that now was a "very difficult" time for Italian restaurants, and warned that some may go out of business. "I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel," he said.

His members normally source their tomatoes from Italy, Spain or Morocco. "But because there’s everywhere a shortage, there’s no tomatoes coming from any place," he said.

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