Comedian hilariously parodies a Royalist who still supports Prince Andrew

Comedian hilariously parodies a Royalist who still supports Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew To Settle Sex Abuse Case, Donate To Charity

A comedian has created a parody Royalist character sticking up for Prince Andrew and it is pretty hilarious.

After it was reported that Prince Andrew is settling out of court with Virginia Giuffre who accused him of sexual assault (which he denied), Rosie Holt got to work imagining how someone might defend his actions, and by splicing clips of GB News host Dan Wootton interviewing one of the royal's friends, she did just that.

Asked why Windsor didn't go to court, she said:

"People show their innocence in lots of different ways. He's just settling out of court like the average Joe who couldn't afford to take it to trial would."

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Referencing reports that he has a ski chalet that could be used towards the reported '£12m' settlement, she added: "He's having to sell his ski chalet for Christ's sake."

She continued: "Look, Prince Andrew is giving money to a charity for victims of sexual abuse, he is supporting the fight against sex trafficking."

Then, talking about speculation about whether the settlement will be paid by taxpayers, she said: "He may be a sex offender, but he's our sex offender.

"This isn't a criminal of dual nationality who should be ejected from the country without trial or a common miscreant who has fallen through the cracks of society.

"This is a royal miscreant who has fallen through the cracks of the monarch and we pay for those ones.

"He's only eight premature deaths away from being head of state so maybe show some respect."

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 785,000 times and has received widespread praise. But as ever, with her parodies being so on the nose, she also received comments from people believing she was being genuine.

If you enjoyed that skit, you might like Holt's parody of an MP who doesn't know know whether they attended a Downing Street party or not, or perhaps her parody of a Tory MP being questioned about Boris Johnson's infamous Jimmy Savile comment.

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