Expert advises against the 'rawdogging' travel trend

Expert advises against the 'rawdogging' travel trend
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There's a new TikTok travel trend (with an unfortunate name) making waves across the internet – but now, experts are advising against it.

First things first, what is it?

The latest travel trend 'rawdogging' refers to a passenger sitting still and not engaging with in-flight media when on a long-haul flight. It's essentially people who don't watch films, listen to music or try and distract themselves in any way from the long-haul flight.

It might sound insanely boring, but seemingly harmless. That's until experts at Netflights chimed in on the action – or lack of.

Here are five reasons experts are advising against it:


"‘Rawdogging’ on a long-haul flight may be great for building your mental strength, however, passengers may feel worse after the flight due to jetlag. Relaxing and sleeping on a flight can allow your body to rest and recover, minimising the potential effects of jetlag."


"With long-haul flights including in-flight meals as part of your fare, passengers who are ‘rawdogging’ their flight will have to say no to the snacks and meals.

"This can cause fatigue and extreme tiredness if your body is skipping usual meal times. Experts recommend eating on long-haul flights so passengers feel energised when arriving at their destination."


"Passengers who decide to ‘rawdog’ on their flights tend to avoid drinking completely, however flying can be dehydrating, which can result in headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

"With low oxygen pressure on flights and a change in humidity levels, an increased amount of water evaporates from our skin and lungs when flying, so it becomes increasingly important to stay hydrated and consume liquids when flying.

"Drinking alcohol on flights also contributes to symptoms of dehydration, so experts advise staying hydrated but also avoiding consuming alcohol altogether when flying."

Increased stress

"Users have said that ‘rawdogging’ benefits them due to the dopamine detox, however, it actually has the opposite effect and poses the risk of increasing stress instead.

"Passengers who decide to stare into space on a long-haul flight may experience increased stress and overthinking."


"For most passengers who are off on their holidays; enjoying the flight is the beginning of the holiday, so it’s the time to relax and enjoy the journey.

"Experts advise to relax, enjoy the flight and for ultimate happiness explore the in-flight entertainment or take activities with them so they can switch off and relax."

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