Real estate agent shares brutal response to her client's 'sleazy' message

Real estate agent shares brutal response to her client's 'sleazy' message
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We appreciate that looking for love isn’t easy but come on, guys, there’s a time and a place.

One man was clearly blissfully unaware of proper wooing etiquette, however, and he’s now learnt his lesson the hard way.

The would-be Romeo, named only as John, was shamed on TikTok by an Australian real estate company after he attempted to arrange a meeting with one of its agents.

John clearly had more than square footage on his mind when he messaged the young woman, called Mieka, as a screengrab of the pair’s exchange shows.

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It began innocently enough, with John writing that he had seen her profile on and was wondering if she could help him find a three-bedroom house.

Mieka who, according to another TikTok post on the account is just 18 years old, replied by saying she had some properties available and asking if he’d like to arrange an appointment to discuss them.

John then responded with a winky emoji: “No thanyou [sic]. Please sent [sic] through the addresses for open houses that you will be attending so I can see you."


sometimes u just gotta …. 🌬️🌬️ #fyp #realestateagent #crash-sound

Suffice it to say she was not impressed, and so responded with a less than accommodating voice note.

In it, the agent can be heard saying: “Hey John, it’s Mieka here. Yep, we’ve got a couple of opens you can attend, I’ll send the addresses, it’s just, oh my God…”

Suddenly there’s the sound of tires screeching and vehicles colliding, which goes on for more than 20 seconds.

Her thoughts on his seduction technique can clearly be summed up in two words: “car” and “crash”.

Fellow TikTokers shared their admiration of her extreme (and, dare we say, a little tasteless?) rejection method, with one writing: “This made me laugh so much more than it should have.”

Another commented: “If the next girl I shoot my shot with doesn't go this far then I don't want her.”

While another jokingly imagined John’s response: “Soooo you’re saying there is a chance…”

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