A Russian strapped a machine gun to a robot dog and it's terrifying

A Russian strapped a machine gun to a robot dog and it's terrifying
Boston Dynamics robot 'Atlas' completes agility course
Boston Dynamics

A clip of a machine gun strapped to a robotic dog firing bullets has absolutely terrified the internet.

A clip posted on Twitter showed the gun attached to the robot firing rounds at targets set up against a snowy backdrop while the robot dog itself appeared light on its feet and scarily agile.

The dog is similar to a robot designed by Boston Dynamics robots that went viral a few years ago for dancing, though it appears the one in this video is not made by the same robotics company.

But, as feared by technology analysts, a similar robot dog has now been utilised to become a killing machine.

According to VICE, the footage was originally uploaded by a Russian YouTuber, before spreading across social media and horrifying viewers. It also includes a Russian gun – a PP-19 Vityaz submachine gun based on an AK-74 design.

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One clip on Twitter has been viewed 4.1 million times and came with a message essentially saying the experts told you so.

The person wrote: “All the people who laughed off the ‘worrywarts’ years ago for freaking out about the Funny Dancing Robot Dogs (tm) should be forced to watch this video once a day for the remainder of the year.”

One person responded to the clip, writing: “There was never any chance this technology wouldn't be turned into a weapon immediately.”

Someone else joked: “We’re using black mirror episodes as an instruction manual.”

“This needs to be illegal as of yesterday,” another person stated.

Another remarked: “Oh great, they even supply their own suspenseful drum beat.”

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