IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Prince Harry calls Windsor Castle 'lonely place' ...

A political pundit likened the royal family to the Game of Thronesspin-off, House of the Dragon - and people on social media have questions.

Femi Oluwole, the English commentator and writer, took to his Twitter to share his sentiment using a screenshot of aDaily Mailarticle.

The article said that Kate Middleton and Prince William gushed over a baby and spoke with the child's mother on Saturday (10 September) while accepting flowers from well-wishers following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

"Just finished watching House Of The Dragon, the Game of Thrones spin-off, set in a world where women are constantly discussed as merely birthing vessels.

"And afterwards, this is the first thing I see," he captioned the post.

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One person wrote: "And your point is? Kate has young children; why wouldn't she say hello to the parent & baby? Why Make a big deal of that? Disappointing Femi, you let yourself down."

"So you struggle to separate fantasy from reality; that explains quite a lot!" another added.

Still, many others took issue with the Daily Mail's headline as it referenced the Princess of Wales as "broody."

"'Broody.' Such a bloody patronising and frankly sexist word used to describe any women who shows any interest in a baby or child. Clearly, we can't express a fondness for children without being biologically compelled to want more," a third wrote.

A fourth added: "Can we all just agree to ban the word broody or any word you wouldn't apply to a different gender but think is appropriate to throw at women."

Someone else who said they're good with children but doesn't want any wrote: "Ffs. Babies are cute. Everyone (pretty much) thinks so. That doesn't necessarily make us' broody.'"

"See also - people expressing surprise I am 'good with' babies and children when I do not want any of my own."

On Saturday afternoon, the Prince and Princess of Wales appeared with Saturday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were visiting the UK when the Queen's death was announced.

The four walked alongside each other after it was reported that William invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join him and kate as they viewed royal tributes.

This was the first public appearance between the two couples since 2020, before Markle and Harry stepped down as senior royals, leaving the UK to start a new life in the US.

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