Someone made a David Attenborough-style voiceover for destroyed Russian tank

Someone made a David Attenborough-style voiceover for destroyed Russian tank
BOOM AND BUSTED: Ukrainian Drone Reduces Russian Tank To Scrap

A social media user decided to create a David Attenborough-style voiceover in order to depict a destroyed Russian tank - and people are getting a kick out of it.

Tetyana, a Ukrainian mother and writer, tweeted on Monday morning announcing she had teamed up with other people to create a video for Saint Javelin, an organization that gives back to Ukrainian families affected by the war.

In the video, a computer-generated 3D model of a Russian tank destroyed in the middle of a Ukrainian field is shown while a person impersonates Attenborough's recognizable voice.

Attenborough often narrates documentaries about nature, animals, and the planet. Most notably he is known for Planet Earth and The Life Collection.

The video personifies the Russian tank as a living creature, similar to how Attenborough would narrate information about an animal.

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"Russian tanks migrate long distances from the abyss of Russia to end their lives in Ukraine's beautiful fields," the narrator says. "Driven by an evolutionary desire to end their life somewhere better, after reaching Ukraine, all species of Russian tank die.

The video seemingly takes inspiration from recent reports that indicate Russian tanks are being blown up often due to a design flaw that makes them easier to blow up from one impact.

Most recently, one of the country's most advanced tanks, T-90M, was destroyed just days after being deployed in Ukraine. Journalist, Andriy Tsapliyenko, posted a photo standing next to the destroyed tank in the middle of a Ukrainian field.

This seems to have inspired the narrated video of the life and death of a Russian tank.

With over 400k views, people commented on the funny video.

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