Non-consensual condom removal can be sexual assault, SCC rules

A shopper said they found a packet of condoms in the reduced section of Tesco's - and four were missing.

Posting on Reddit, the shopper shared the image of the contraceptive which were made by Durex. The particular condoms were from the 'pleasure me' range and are designed to be 'ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation.'

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Someone at the supermarket had stuck a sticker on it which simply said "4 missing" which beggars the questions of how many were in the pack to begin with and why would someone only take four?

from CasualUK

People found it amusing. One person who said they used to work for the supermarket wrote:

"We use to have a sheet in the back on commonly stolen items to security tag and condoms were 2nd in the list. They mostly get stolen by teens who are just too nervous to actually buy them. Although they usually steal the whole box not just 4."

Another person said: "I wish I had the same level of bravery as someone who buys rubbers from the reduced section."

A third said: "Ribbed. And Robbed."

And a fourth simply wrote: "Self service checkouts are the anxious lover's wingman."

You really do find all sorts in the reduced sections of supermarkets.

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