Does that really say?

No. Wait. What?

A user on reddit shared this photo of a condom, purportedly handed out on campus.

The condom appears to be emblazoned with the words:


And a picture of a random donut at the top.

The picture of the condom wrapper has bemused social media users.

Now for the spoiler:

The picture of the 'Do nut' is a stand in for the words 'Do Not'.

The condoms are for sale with 'Say It With a Condom', a maker of customised condoms.

According to the online advert they are approved by the FDA, are 'standard-sized' (whatever that means), lubricated, and have a shelf life of 4-5 years.

They cost $3.99 for one, or $0.47 each when you buy over 10,000 (bargain).

Sadly the 'donut' consent condom is currently out of stock.

Groups such as Planned Parenthood, Think Progress, Bust, and the Huffington Post have all offered testimonials on the good message the condom promotes.

While a small slogan on a condom wrapper won’t stop every rape from happening, it’s ventures and ideas like these that contribute to the overall fight to end sexual assault.

- Huffington Post

indy100 does not know if they saw the final donut design before proffering these endorsements.

Other condoms in their 'Consent range' include much easier to read condom sleeves:

For instance 'I <3 Consent' is pretty clear.

Picture: SayItWithACondom.com

Others such as this one are also more complicated than they ought to be.

Picture: SayItWithACondom.com

You must Poirot for my consent? What?

(It is obviously 'Moustache/Must ask')

According to their website, Say It With A Condom was launched in 2012 by Benjamin Sherman, an entrepeneur who began by selling joke condoms during the 2008 election.

indy100 has contacted Say It With A Condom for comment.

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