Someone has drawn a giant penis on thin ice and officials don't know what to do about it

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Everyone loves penis stories. We know, because this was the second most-read story on i100 last year.

So we thought you might be interested in this snippet from Sweden: someone drew a huge penis on the surface of a frozen lake in Gothenberg this weekend.

The lake in question is in the King's Park, and several locals have approached Gothenburg City Council asking for the offensive image to be removed, The Local reports.

The problem is that since the ice doesn't seem thick enough to support an adult's weight, parks staff can't actually get onto the surface of the lake to wipe out the NSFW artwork, which was drawn in snow that fell on top of the ice.

A spokesman told newspaper Aftonbladet (translated by The Local):

They judged that the ice would not stay put. They did not dare to go out on to the moat and consequently the artwork is there until thawing weather returns.

And the Scandinavian winter ice isn't likely to go anywhere until the spring.

Åke Lindgren, 79, who lives across the road, has been documenting the parks staff's struggles with the giant penis, taking pictures that were picked up by Swedish media.

He told The Local:

I have explained the story many, many times now.

But it's funny! The penis is still there, I can still see it. But it is still a bit dangerous right now.

The city's mayor, for her part, isn't bothered, tweeting:

I can't comment in a way that makes sense. Or, in plain language, who cares.

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