Spanish police mock Tesco for selling Paella sandwich

Spanish police mock Tesco for selling Paella sandwich
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Everyone enjoys a Meal Deal from time to time – everyone except Spanish police, it seems, who took aim at Tesco to remind people to not eat the paella sandwich.

In a viral post to X/Twitter, the Guardia civil force encouraged people to celebrate World Paella Day with the nation's favourite dish – and "not those things they sell out there". The tweet included a photo of the limited-edition sandwich with "prawn, chicken and chorizo on sun-dried tomato bread".

It didn't take long for fellow X users to chime in with their takes, with one writing: "As an Englishman, I apologise for any offence caused by my country."

Another said: "A paella…sandwich? The Spanish police are correct. The end times are upon us. I’m American and even I understand how wrong this is."

Meanwhile, a third person wrote: "I’m not of any Spanish or Latin descent, but I have to agree that a paella sandwich is unequivocally the Devil’s work."

It comes after the popular pizza joint Domino's created pizzas based on national dishes earlier this year using AI.

Spain's dish featured paella with clams and prawns – finished with a sprinkle of spring onions, while France had Coq au Vin braised chicken, with diced potatoes and rosemary garnish.

The UK was given a Beef roast dinner speciality pizza, including potatoes on a bed of gravy, covered in horseradish sauce.

A Domino’s spokesperson previously said: “Passing the reins to AI, pizzas generated varied from a somewhat delicious looking Roast Dinner to Carbonara and a clam and prawn loaded Paella pizza.

“Signature dishes were also generated for host nation Ukraine in the form of Chicken Kyiv pizza.

“And Australia, to see what the country that has competed in the competition since 2015 – to everyone’s bewilderment – would serve up.

“And it’s Fairy Bread pizza.

“A country and party staple of bread spread with margarine and covered in hundreds and thousands.”

Sam Wilson, AI mastermind at Domino’s said: “Pizza brings everyone together, just like Eurovision.

“So we challenged AI to generate the perfect pizza for each nation. It’s no surprise the classic Sunday Roast was Britain’s pizza of choice, but we didn’t expect Fairy Bread for Australia.

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