Stepdad kicks his stepson out of car on his engagement night after he caught him harassing a woman

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A stepfather made his stepson walk home from his own engagement party after he sexually harassed a woman.

The 23-year-old groom-to-be made vulgar remarks towards a woman while they were parked outside a store on the way home from the young man’s engagement party.

The stepfather was disgusted and made him walk home.

Posting to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the stepdad explained that his stepson, Rowan, just got engaged to a woman from a “highly conservative family”. The couple won’t live together until they get married, and although the pair are happy, the stepdad says “her parents are a bit much”.

The engagement party was held at a restaurant, and the stepfather made his way there along with his wife, Rowan, and Rowan’s best friend Jack.

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The party was great, but on the way home things took a turn.

The Redditor said they stopped at a store, and he waited in the car along with Rowan and Jack.

A young woman walked towards them as her car was parked beside theirs.

Rowan kept trying to speak to the woman as she was loading her groceries into her car. She, understandably, seemed “annoyed” as the pair “kept throwing words at her”.

Jack then said: “Hey, he just wants to look at that a**.”

Rowan then apparently said: “Let me see it jiggle, baby.”

The stepdad wrote: “I was appalled, I told them both to knock it off but then Rowan sarcastically replied ‘relax I was just giving her a compliment, bet she don't get many of those often’”.

“The lady got in her car and I started arguing with him about his behaviour and shamed him for acting like this on his own engagement night.

“He argued back saying something about my car and I lost it. I told him to get out immediately, Jack got involved so I kicked him out too.”

When his wife returned to the car she started arguing with him too in defence of Rowan, saying the Redditor shouldn’t allow the young groom-to-be to walk home from his own engagement party.

But the stepfather argued back to say that her son shouldn’t be harassing women on the way back from his engagement party either.

He then told her to either stay, or get in the car. The wife chose to stay with Rowan, so the Redditor drove home.

That night, Rowan stayed at a friend’s house and from what the Redditor can gather, he’s “pi**ed” at him and refuses to see him.

He continued: “My wife said it was my fault, I escalated the situation over some stupid s*** boys his age do all the time. I told her he can't do this while in my car but she took it as [if] I was holding it over his head. She said I should've never made him walk the night [of] his engagement and demanded that I apologize to him.”

He concluded the post by asking other Redditors for their opinions.

The top comment, with almost 60,000 upvotes, reads: “Calling sexual harassment “stupid boy s***” is how rape culture is created and maintained.

"I am proud of you. You stood up for decency and respect in the community. I truly wish more people held their sons accountable and attempted to train them in the same way.”

Another said: “Your stepson and his friend are creeps. Your wife is enabling s****y behaviour.”

“He was sexually harassing a woman and that is never right,” another comment wrote. “You stood up for your beliefs and women, sadly your wife seems to give him a pass on his behavior and it's likely why he acted like that. He has no respect for women, it appears. It's your car, and you were doing him a favor.”

Others urged him to tell Rowan’s future wife.

One commenter wrote: “If he's this way with complete strangers I can't imagine how he treats her or how he WILL treat her in the future. This isn't the sort of thing that just stops because of marriage.

They added: “This is legitimately disgusting and the fact that your f***ing wife is just dismissing it as completely normal makes it ten times worse.”

Twitter user Feminist Next Door previously asked men to share times when they've spoken out against misogynistic or predatory behaviour when they've witnessed it, prompting some to share their stories.

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