Influencer says she's making a fortune by selling jars of her boob sweat

Influencer says she's making a fortune by selling jars of her boob sweat
Woman who sold jars of farts now selling boob sweat

Former reality TV star Stephanie Matto has posted several TikToks telling viewers she has made "thousands of dollars" selling her boob sweat in bottles.

Matto, who was once featured on 90 Day Fiancé, made headlines last year when she announced she made $100,000 by selling her farts in a jar. Now she's returned to brag about the money she's made selling boob sweat.

Last week, Matto, 31, posted a series of TikToks explaining how she collects sweat from under her breasts in a small bottle and sells it for hundreds of dollars through her website, Unfiltrd.

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The reality TV star explained that she sits out in the sun "like a maple tree" for hours and waits for sweat to accumulate before jarring it up.

In another TikTok video, Matto says she sells her chest sweat for $500.

The video received over 30K views with many people wondering how they too can make money.


Just another day in the life on unfiltrd 😅❤️🤪 #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU #FrunktheBeat #funskit #10MillionAdoptions

Matto directed people to her new website, Unfiltrd which is a subscription-based website for fans to interact with creators.

According to the website, Unfiltrd allows for creators to be completely uncensored while remaining monetized for whatever a user chooses to do.

"I get so creative with what I do on there! You can too," Matto wrote in an Instagram caption.

The new frontier for Matto comes after the reality star retired from selling her farts in jars citing health reasons.


Back and better than ever, with a new pool baby! #FrunktheBeat #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU

"I want to be smart, start off slow and have sustainable growth that doesn’t overwhelm my body,” Matto told

On Instagram, Matto said the venture was "not easy work" and told that she's learned to be careful when sitting in the sun for too long as it can lead to sun damage.

Many fans echoed the concern and voiced their apprehension on Matto's videos.

"Get that money but also try a sauna so you don't croak from heat stroke," a user wrote on Instagram.

"Respect, but not at the cost of rapidly aging your skin :(," a TikTok user wrote.

"please don't end up in the hospital for heat exhaustion , love the ideas tho 😂 hydrate!!!" another TikTok user said.

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