How Often Should You Be Farting Everyday?

Do you remember Stephanie Mato, the YouTuber and former 90 Day Fiancé star who said she made $100,000 by selling her farts in jars?

Well, she made an appearance at a New York City strip club where she gave away jars full of her farts to dozens of people.

In a TMZ exclusive, Matto took to Larry Flint's Hustler Club in the city, where she gifted jars of her flatulence to the first 20 customers who walked through the door.

Matto even paired the fart jars with never before seen risqué polaroid photos and rose petals. She also got on stage and said a few words on the mic.

"I am so happy you all came out tonight. The weather is so terrible; it's so cold outside. I know you guys know me from 'Before the 90 Days' or my viral fart jars, but for whatever reason, you're here tonight," she told the crowd in a video.

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She continued: "I hope you have so much fun. I hope you do a lot of shots, and I hope you checked these gorgeous ladies so well. So let's party, let's have some fun."

TMZ further noted that Matto supposedly pocketed over $10,000 for her appearance at the club. The outlet also said she was pushing one of her latest ventures, a fart jar NFT.

Matto started her flatulence hustle last year and began to sell it online to people who were interested.

She also took to her TikTok and Instagram to detail her fibre-rich process. And to add to the presentation and help with making the smell adhere better and "last longer," she likes to add flower petals.

We sure can't knock the hustle, but we can certainly smell the gas.

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