Move over ‘distracted boyfriend’ ... people are obsessed with a new stock image couple

Move over ‘distracted boyfriend’ ... people are obsessed with a new stock image couple
Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Someone on Twitter decided to write a script around a stock image couple’s imagined romance—and people on social media are loving by it.

With 30,000 likes already, they are, perhaps, the internet’s newest stock image ‘it’ couple - supplanting the infamous ‘distracted boyfriend’ who became a viral sensation in 2017.

Marisa Maciel, who goes by @standardtuber on the platform, posted a series of tweets with images of the couple and some “backstory” for each photo.

“They met at the hospital. They were both being treated for the same thing, and they promised to stay together forever after recovering,” she captioned the photo of the woman lying next to her lover.

Then in another scene, you see the pair drinking from wine glasses and laughing like any “normal, healthy couple” at something that amused them.

“Here they are laughing about a friend who bought a trunk full of sweater vests from an estate sale as an ‘investment,’” Maciel writes.

In another photo of the couple embracing, Maciel adds, “He loves his tall woman. She loves her cannonball of a man.”

Additionally, in subsequent tweets of the man cooking “homemade pasta” and adding that the woman describes it as his “one talent” despite the many other talents he has, Maciel adds more dimension to this seemingly perfect romance.

“They play this game where he pretends her tasting the food is cooking, and she goes along with it. He calls her “The Boss,” and she lets him know when it’s ready. Oh my god, I love these people,” she writes.

Towards the end of storytime, she adds that the couple is “planning a vacation to Italy” and pokes fun at her that woman will “spend all of her money on antiques.”

Maciel also finally comes up with names for the couple “who are soulmates and very much in love”— Paulina and Giorgio.

People in the comments that followed the story thought it was so sweet that they want this kind of love in their lives.

“This is what I want,” someone wrote.

“Morticia and Gomez type of love,” another added.

“Still a better love story than Twilight,” someone else quipped.

Then someone else decided to take it a step further and give their own rendition of the story with the following:

“Concept idea: He’s a French artist/photographer. She was his English muse. They met in Paris and fell madly in love and have been ever since.”

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