Strip club manager divides TikTok after saying she brings son to work

A strip club manager from Arizona has divided TikTok after revealing that she takes her toddler to work with her.

Nini Suarez (@whatsuarez) took to the platform with a montage of clips of her son at the strip club. “When people get offended that your son is a strip club baby, but he loves it and is loved”, she titled one of her viral TikToks, which has racked a staggering 1.1 million views.

The content toddler is shown interacting with the other workers and watching one of the dancers practising on the pole.

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Naturally, the clip caused quite the divide after hundreds of people flocked to the comments to voice their opinions.

Most fellow TikTokers provided the mom with reassurance and support. “All I see is a mom that does whatever it takes to take care of her baby – and all I have is respect”, one commented while another told the strip club manager that she is “a good mom and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”.

Another suggested that her son will grow up to “respect women”.

“He’s gonna learn to respect women and know they aren’t objects but real people,” they said. “You gotta do what you gotta do and you’re doing great mama.”

While one joked, “Please tell me he has a shirt that says ‘security.’”

Others, however, weren’t as impressed. “Yeah, maybe let’s not do this,” one commented, “I was one of those kids now I hate my parents for it, so hmmmmmm.”

Another wrote, “all I can think about is germs in places like this.”

Some voiced their concerns about the toddler’s safety being around alcohol drinkers, which prompted Nini to post a follow-up video to address their comments.

“He is not around on the floor when there’s alcohol being served,” she said “he is not allowed inside the club until all customers are gone and no alcohol is pulled.”

Nini explained that her son is never at the club all night, and that “he’s got people watching him at all times.”

“One thing I also want to address is: strippers are mothers,” she stated. “And they love hard like they love their own children.”

Though Nini confirmed that she often takes her son to work, she said that the divisive clip was actually filmed on her day off when she visited the club to catch up with a friend.

“But what does it even matter, right?” she added.

Indy100 reached out to Nini for comment.

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