The infamous 'Taured man from a parallel universe’ mystery explained

The infamous 'Taured man from a parallel universe’ mystery explained

Throughout history, there have been occasional little mysteries that have centered around supposed “time travellers” claiming to be from parallel dimensions.

One occurred in Ukraine back in 2006, which saw a man claiming to be from years in the past turn up in Kyiv without much in the way of explanation.

Another centres around the man who tried to pass himself off as being from the non-existent country of Taured and hailing ‘from a parallel universe’.

There are various stories that centre on the man from Taured, with many claiming the urban legend to be fact.

The story goes that back in July 1954 a Caucasian man with a beard arrived at Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport. After security staff grew suspicious of his identity, the passport check showed that a country called “Taured” was listed as his nationality.

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“Taured”, of course, doesn’t exist. However, the man stated it had been a nation for more than 1,000 years and pointed at Andorra on the map, claiming it was located there.

The Man From

Amid the confusion, the man was taken to a hotel and put in a room. Two guards were placed outside the room until security staff were able to further investigate. Only, when the room was later opened, the man was missing.

What was especially baffling was that the police established that he could not have escaped via his window as the room was too high up and there was no balcony.

While many online believe the story to be gospel truth, the fact of the matter is that the truth behind the story is something much more mundane.

As Snopes reports, the tale is a “greatly embellished and fantastical version of a far less sensational real story”.

In reality, the site states that the story was likely inspired by the real figure of John Allen Kuchar Zegrus who presented a fake passport from the state of “Tuarid” and was swiftly arrested in Japan in 1959.

While little detail is known about him, it’s thought that the man used the fake passport to travel through the Middle East before he was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison after cashing forged cheques in Japan.

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