Ten excruciatingly bad exchanges on Tinder

Picture: Flickr/Denis Bocquet
Picture: Flickr/Denis Bocquet

There have been more than 10 billion matches on the Tinder dating app since it launched in 2012.

Unfortunately, once that match happens - in what could be the meeting of soulmates - it all too often goes wrong, as these exchanges compiled by Tinder Nightmares shows:

1. Some people are plain weird

2. Others don't quite understand boundaries

3. And have very strange ice-breakers

4. Which are compounded when they backfire

5. Others try their best to turn them around

6. And others are just very blunt

7. Some people are just 'get-to-know-you' types of guy...

8. Did we mention weird?

9. Blunt?

10. Although, in this case, almost certainly justified...

You can find Tinder Nightmares on Instagram here

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