On Tinder v At Tinder: The hashtag that shows why it's all pointless

(Pictures; Twitter
(Pictures; Twitter

In this enlightened digital age of immediate communication, novel concepts are hard to come by.

"How best can we prove our originality while casually signalling our availability on Tinder?", the hordes of swipers cried out. "It feels like everything has been done before!"

A handful of Twitter users reflected upon the conundrum before whispering...

"We know..."

Meet #OnTinderAtTinder.

The hashtag serves to shine a humorous light on how people present themselves on social media and dating sites, as opposed to what they look like in real life.

So, hilariously, people have tweeted their profile pictures, contrasted with unflattering selfies.

One user refused to play along...

...while another subverted the genre slightly. A magnum opus if you will.

Then, our favourite contributions, people started parodying the hashtag:

And now we've joined in:

On Tinder:

At Tinder:

We hope you're happy internet. This is all your fault. Remember these moments because they will never come again.

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