These species all face extinction

These species all face extinction

Conservationists are in despair over the plight of the lemur. An international appeal for £5m to help save the Northern sportive lemur – the world’s most endangered – has fallen on deaf ears, despite being popularised in the cartoon film, Madagascar. But they are not the only primates at risk...

Northern sportive lemur - 60 left

They take their name from the boxing pose they assume when they feel threatened. One of the most endangered animals in the world.

Silky sifaka - 300- 2,000 left

Wears a bright white coat. The species suffers from a vitiligo-like skin condition which leads their skin to slowly turn pink.

Northern brown howler - 250 left

The monkey located in the southern Bahia region is a fruit-eater, vital for dispersing seeds in the surrounding area.

Grauer's gorilla - 2,000-10,000 left

Gorillas are the largest primates in the world and Grauer’s are the biggest of the lot. A single animal may eat as much as 40 pounds of food daily.

Cat Ba langur - 50 left

Crowned by a large tuft of blond fur, hence its other name, golden-headed langur. It inhabits the moist tropical forests of the Cat Ba archipelago.

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