A girl wrote this list of 'rules and regulations' for her potential suitor. It's brutal.

Denny Dimples, a woman from New York shared a list on Twitter which had been purportedly found by her friend, a fifth grade (10- to 11-year-olds) teacher.

The list was a set of guidelines from 'Zoë' to 'Noah', written in multicoloured pens. As far as we can ascertain, Noah would like Zoë to be his girlfriend.

Zoë thinks otherwise.

Imagine this being read as a voice over by Sarah Jessica-Parker.

3. Do not speak to me unless its a greeting, which will be never


7. You like me (as a gf) but I don't like you. I'm 2 young!

She closes it with a warning.

If you break any of these rules I'm calling my dad, my mom's friend, my fake mom, and a janator i know!!!

Mainly Zoë wants Noah to stop playing with her.

The post has been shared thousands of times, and has over 10 thousand likes. People online have applauded Zoë for setting ground rules early.

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