This has to be the most ridiculous Nigerian email scam of all time

The "very first African in space" and definitely an actual, real person, Air Force Major Abacha Tunde, needs your help coming home.

This is the most recent (and farfetched) variation of the Nigerian Prince scam that has equally amused and tormented the internet for so long.

Reading like a straight-to-paperback sci/fi novel, the email, written by one Dr Bakare Tunde, relays the sad story of his cousin Abacha, who is stranded on a former Soviet Union space station, Salyut 8T since 1989.

Abacha has apparently accumulated flight pay and interest amounting to almost $15 million, of which you will get 20 per cent.

All you need to do is give him your bank details, at which point a sum of $3 million will be transferred to your account, and then paid to the Russian Space Authorities.

For the use of your bank account (because clearly Nigeria doesn't have banks. Or accounts.) you will be paid 20 per cent of Apache's trust.

While there has certainly been some creative scams, this one takes the (space) cake.

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