This is how they do animal escape drills in Tokyo

This is how they do animal escape drills in Tokyo

Welcome to Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, Japan. They do things a little differently here.

For example, to ensure zoo staff know what to do in the event of an animal getting out of its enclosure, they get one of their own to dress up as said animal and run around the park.

Before using nets to trap it.

And 'shooting' it with a tranquiliser dart.

And poking it with a stick just for good measure.

Toshiya Nomura, the man in the snow leopard costume, told ITV: "Personally, I feel like I did my best but it didn't work for kids. I'm a bit disappointed."

But zoo director Yutaka Fukuda added: "In the event of a big earthquake, a tree could fall on a cage, or many other things could occur that may lead to an animal escape

"We think it is very important, and it is our responsibility to carry it out with seriousness."

Watch a video of the drill below:

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