It may be 'hoes before bros' in theory but we all know that it doesn't always work out that way in practice.

Rachael Ryan, an electrician from Ireland, was feeling like a bit of a third wheel after her BFF Katy Philbin decided to go 'Facebook official' with her new bloke.

The 23-year-old told the Irish Mirror that she took to Facebook in jest to look for someone who'd be there "24/7 to listen to me talk sh--e":

I saw their relationship was all over Facebook so I decided to write something for the craic, I never expected this kind of reaction.

In a post that reads like a job ad crossed with a lonely hearts column, Rachel took to Facebook to write:

Since Katy does not have the hours to keep up with me, a 'new best friend' position has opened up. The ideal candidate must be very flexible with their hours, mostly evenings and weekends. They must enjoy eating out, nandos preferably but I am open to new ideas.

Prospective applicants are advised that an interest in "the lols and the bants" and MMA would be an advantage, and a car isn't a necessary requirement for the position.

Rachael said that Katy and her boyfriend Daniel thought the post was hilarious.

"Even though Katy has a boyfriend, she’ll always be my best friend," she said

Both genders are welcome to apply for the role of new BFF - Rachael is still accepting applications.

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