This woman's dress came with a rotting mouse skeleton sewn into it

A woman got a particularly nasty surprise when the dress she ordered online arrived in the post, complete with a rotting mouse skeleton sewn inside.

Reddit user aronmoney shared a rather horrifying photo of their friend’s dress, explaining:

My friend ordered a dress online and it came with a mouse sewn into it...

You can even see what looks like a claw poking out of the lining.

The mouse had presumably crawled into the lining and fallen asleep before it ended up being sewn in.

This woman wasn’t the only one to have something like this happen to her either. Reddit user ResurrectedToast then replied with another horrifying mouse-sewn-into-the-lining experience:

My friend’s daughter found a mouse sewn into her pillow a couple of years ago. She used the pillow for months before the smell started. It was wrapped in the stuffing so the smell had been "contained", then one day it shifted and the smell was so bad she puked.

It was even reported on local news site The Chronicle Herald along with a nightmare-inducing photo of the mouse.

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