Shop reclaims tiki torches from white supremacists in the best way


White nationalists in Charlottesville used tiki torches over the weekend during a late night march through the University of Virginia's grounds.

The men and women clutching the torches chanted the Nazi-linked slogan 'blood and soil', and clashed with anti-fascist protestors and locals angry at the disruption of the peace.

A major tiki torch manufacturer reportedly spoke up, and condemned the use of their product for "hate and intimidation".

One retailer, who happens to sell tiki torches, also decided to nip things in the bud at their store, by sending a message to the 'Nazis'.

It displayed a sign that read:

Please do not use these tiki torches for any racist crap, you nazi a******s.

They’re for your BBQs with friends, family and your neighbout Steve with the lazy eye who kinda creeps everyone out but he always brings killer homemade quac so you deal with his weird vibes because it’s easier than learning how to make guacamole 

Some Twitter users are worried they're Steve:

And felt the need to defend him.

And someone made this point...

And then, well, the internet.

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