Viral TikTok shows man finding hidden room behind ‘wobbly’ wall in apartment

TikToker Logan Hunter’s curiosity was piqued when he noticed something wasn’t quite right with the wall in his apartment’s pantry — and when he investigated, he found more than he bargained for.

In a viral video that now has more than 850,000 views, Logan showed his pantry and said he noticed the wall was wobbly.

“There’s nothing behind there,” he said as he knocked on the hollow-sounding wood board.

He removed the light switch and part of the door frame. It didn’t take long for the plywood to start falling away to reveal a staircase.

He had to dash off to work, so couldn’t immediately investigate the new space.


about to go to work so i will make a part 2 when i get back! #hiddenroom#secretroom#fml

But, once he got home, he uploaded a follow-up video.

Ready to brave the spooky stairwell as night fell, he said: “I realised that I’m going to have to shut myself in here because I don’t want my cats to follow me up this because what if they get eaten?”

“Oh God this is scary,” he remarked as he pried back the plywood and made his way inside. “This is very spooky. I don’t have roommates or anything who can do this for me or with me so if I die no one is going to find me or know where I’m at.”

Filming beneath the floorboards he said it could be a good place to hide things, which could be “good or bad depending on what we find”.

As he made his way to the top of the stairs he panned the camera around the room and said there was nothing up there.

“This is a cute room, why would they have this closed off?” he said as he walked around.

He was tentative about walking around as he wasn’t sure how safe the floor would be, but he finished the video with a thumbs up to the camera and said: “New smoking spot discovered”.


pt 2 of the secret room in my apartment

He made another video to say he plans to decorate it and asked viewers for their suggestions and tips.


i also don’t give a sh!t about my security deposit clearly #fyp#secretroomupdate#update

In the comments, one person suggested the landlord “probably didn’t want to invest in making it liveable”, so closed it off.

Another joked: “Three minutes of terror just to end with ‘oh, a new smoking spot’”, along with laughing emojis.

“I was waiting for a jump scare the whole time,” another wrote.

Others warned him that it may be closed off for a reason, such as asbestos insulation, lead paint, or exposed electrics.

As far as decorating tips, people suggested going thrifting to try and find some gems. Viewers suggested decking out the new space with rugs, tapestries, fairy lights, and bean bags.

There is one suggestion in the comment section we hope Logan doesn’t take on board however, which reads: “Play with a ouija board up there”. No, thank you.

Logan isn’t the only TikToker to find a mysterious room in their rental. This summer, a New York-based content creator went viral after discovering a hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror. 

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