‘Creepy’ TikTok video shows woman discovering hidden apartment behind bathroom mirror

‘Creepy’ TikTok video shows woman discovering hidden apartment behind bathroom mirror

People have expressed their horror after a TikTok user found a secret apartment on the other side of her bathroom mirror.

In a four-part video series that was later shared on Twitter, Samantha Hartsoe explains that she felt “cold air blowing on me” after walking into her bathroom in her New York City apartment.

“So I start searching, there’s a vent up there but nothing’s coming out. There’s a little bit of air coming out of this light switch, but there’s not enough air to blow this hard on me.

“So I start feeling, and the air is coming from the mirror,” she says.

A follow-up post then went on to reveal a hole behind the mirror, leading to a new apartment with rubbish bags and several different rooms.

Sharing the series to Twitter, user Chey Millz compared the situation to ‘The Upside Down’ from the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things:

It wasn’t the only comparison made by people online, though, with many referencing the horror film Candyman, in which a spirit with a hook for its right hand can be summoned by saying its name five times in front of a mirror:

With Hartsoe later saying that “I have to go in” and investigate, others soon raised eyebrows at her unexpected enthusiasm:

She eventually decides to venture through the hole much to her flatmate’s worry to investigate the hidden apartment. Thankfully there is nothing too scary in the clips but it is super creepy.

In the final video, Hartsoe places the mirror back over the hole before adding: “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call tomorrow!”

It isn’t the first time a TikTok creator has found a hidden room in their house, with user @unfortunateexistance discovering a secret basement in her building last month.

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