TikTok video on how expensive KFC is has gone viral

TikTok video on how expensive KFC is has gone viral
Brits jealous after seeing American KFC featuring pot pie and 'crispier chicken'

A man who drove to a branch of KFC has shared his shock when he discovered the prices on the menu for the "finger-lickin" chicken - and viewers are in agreement.

TikToker Don C (@eyedealistic.don) posted footage taken from his car with a drive-thru menu on display and shared his surprise at how much the food costs.

In the clip, he says: "I know I ain’t tweakin, but this sh** done got higher than a motherf******."

“$57 for a 16 piece and 8 biscuits,” Don added. “I’m taking my b**** out to dinner, bro.”

The TikToker then zoomed his camera in closer to the menu to the family meals section on the board so viewers could read the prices. It shows that an 8-piece family meal with two large sides and four biscuits is £27.56 [$35.99], a 12 piece family meal with three large sides and six biscuits costs £35.99 [$46.99], while the 16 piece family meal with four large sides, and eight biscuits will set you back £44.04 [$57.49].

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"Not eating at KFC THIS SH** TO MUCH," he wrote as the caption, making his feeling clear about the pricing.



Since posting about the prices, Don C's video has been viewed 1.1m times and received nearly 89,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who appear to be in agreement with the TikToker on KFC's prices.

One person wrote: "What's that noise? oh that's me getting my pots and pans out the drawer lol"

"Well Wendy's still has their 4 for $4," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Bro KFC is more expensive than Cheesecake Factory."

"EVERYBODY is about to learn how to fry chicken at home this month!" a fourth person added.

Others noted that it's not just KFC, and said they felt that everything generally appears to be more expensive these days.

"The price of everything around us is getting high while our wages remain the same, it’s literally getting too expensive to live at this point," one person commented.

Another person said: "Everything on the rise! Including my blood pressure but our pay ain’t changed."

In a statement to indy100, a KFC spokesperson said: "Prices vary by market and by item across the system and pricing decisions are made by individual franchisees.

"While supply chain costs, inflation, and other market factors have prompted changes to menu pricing at some locations to offset increased operating costs, the menu here is not reflective of pricing across the system."

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