A spring roll toastie is dividing TikTok – so what do you think?

A spring roll toastie is dividing TikTok – so what do you think?

A recipe for spring roll toasties is dividing TikTok and it truly is a sight to be seen.

An account called ratemytoastie apparently invented the creation and posted a video showing footage of someone buttering two slices of granary bread before piling mini spring rolls, grated cheese and chilli sauce on it, before putting it in a toastie maker.


Some say criminal, some say revolutionary #LetsGetBackOnTrack #vegan #fyp #foryoupage #studentmeals

The video says: “This is a sign to take your spring rolls and put them in a toastie. It was bloody sensational. 10/10.”

But reacting to it, not everyone agreed that it sounded “bloody sensational”.

One person said: “British people will put ANYTHING in bread.”

Another said: “Feels criminal this.”

Others, however, thought it sounded nice. One said: “Game changer”.

Another wrote: “Yes please.”

The account has made other... shall we say interesting toasties in the past. Another video shows a crab stick and cheese toastie, while another shows a potato gratin with barbecue sauce also getting the toastie treatment. A third shows a biscuit and butter toastie and, in a chaotic fourth video, the TikTok user puts a vegan sausage roll, spaghetti hoops, cheese and butter in between two slices of granary bread.

It is a hard pass from us on all of them, we’re afraid. Time for someone to take away their toastie maker.

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