President Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office at the White House
President Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office at the White House
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Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, it was difficult to be surprised by anything in a news cycle of constant scandals and breaking with political tradition. But in an unexpected twist, just before he left office, Trump reportedly did something normaland everyone was surprised

While Trump broke with many long-standing conventions leading up to Inauguration Day – including skipping the inauguration all together – it was reported that the former president did leave a farewell note for now-President Joe Biden.

The successor's note is traditionally placed on the “Resolute Desk” in the Oval Office as a part of the transition, so it will be the first thing a new president sees when he sits down. Barack Obama said in his farewell letter to Trump, "Congratulations on a remarkable run. Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure." Not quite what happened.

But anyway, the contents of the letter Trump wrote are still unknown – as Biden later said it was “generous” but “private” – but people across social media were happy to guess Trump’s parting words.

Was it “I’ll be back in some form”? as Trump said to his supporters in his farewell address? Or perhaps a plea to have his Twitter account returned? Here are some of the internet’s best guesses:

One person commented with a photo of a letter written in scrawled crayon, “Dear Sleep Joe...Everyone knows I won the election hugely”.

While others were certain it was just a post-it note written in sharpie:

There were plenty of 'Mean Girls’ memes – and to be honest, it definitely seemed like Trump has ‘Burn Book’ throughout his presidency.

Of course there were guesses that he left the iconic break-up note from Sex and the City:

And some thought he simply wrote “Person, woman, man, camera,TV” – a cognitive test Trump liked to repeat.

We may never know exactly what Trump said to Biden, but these memes probably aren’t that far off.

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