US Space Force mocked for releasing 'cringe' song

US Space Force mocked for releasing 'cringe' song
US Space Force releases song 'Semper Supra'
US Space Force

The US Space Force (USSF) has been left embarrassed after the official song it released was severely mocked.

The USSF is the country’s newest military branch established in 2019 and, with each branch of the armed forces having its own official song, it was the turn of the Space Force to unveil theirs.

The track name “Semper Supra”, takes its inspiration from the USSF motto, which is Latin for “always above”.

According to the force, “It was created to capture the esprit de corps of both current and future Guardians, and intends to bring together service members by giving them a sense of pride”.

But, rather than give them a sense of pride, it could become a source of embarrassment after the song got a terrible reception.

Dave Brown, the defence editor at Politico, shared the track on Twitter and people were dumbfounded.

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One Twitter user said: “I thought this was satire, but no, no it's not.”

Another asked: “You sure this isn't for Scientology?

“This s**t sucks wheres the synths. It’s the f**king space force it doesn't need a 1820s a** battle march,” one bemused listener said.

Someone else responded: “May the CRINGE be with you.”

James Teachenor, a singer-songwriter who created the lyrics and melody for the track said: “The song was a long work in progress because I wanted it to encompass all the capabilities that the Space Force offers and its vision.”

He worked alongside chief of Space Operations General John “Jay” Raymond. Raymond added: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a Space Force song that will be part of our culture and heritage for years to come.

“Our traditions are part of the fabric that weave us all together as we execute our missions side-by-side; I will be proud to sing 'Semper Supra' alongside my fellow Guardians.”

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